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We are a Nigerian blog with a mission to empower Nigerians with helpful information and guides on various topics including freelancing, accessing government services, using online platforms and tools, and more.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become the go-to resource for Nigerians looking to learn new skills, start a freelancing career, or simply get things done more efficiently. We want to help Nigerians unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and improve their quality of life.

Our Story
Freelancian was founded in 2022 by a team of Nigerian freelancing professionals who noticed a lack of consolidated guides and resources for Nigerians navigating the digital workspace. With experience in areas like graphic design, writing, coding and more – the founders saw an opportunity to create a community-driven platform to share knowledge.

After launching, Freelancian quickly gained traction among young Nigerians looking to gain skills and earn online. Realizing we were fulfilling an important need, we committed to growing and expanding our content coverage.

Today, thanks to the support our readers, contributors and broader community – Freelancian has become Nigeria’s top blog for all things freelancing, government services, platform guides and more.

Our Values
We take pride in providing our readers with well-researched, accurate and helpful guides designed specifically for Nigerians.

As our community grows, our core values remain at the heart of Freelancian:

❏ Knowledge sharing – we believe information should be accessible to those looking to learn and grow

❏ Community-focused – we are committed to our Nigerian audience

❏ Unbiased – we provide objective analysis and reviews

❏ Service-minded – our readers’ needs inform our content

❏ Transparent – we are open about our processes and operations

The Freelancian Team
Our blog wouldn’t exist without our talented team of writers, editors, developers and community managers who work hard to publish new content every week.

While we cover a diverse range of topics, our team has a shared mission to help Nigerians succeed. We apply our individual backgrounds and areas of expertise to create content that resonates with our readers.

In addition to our team, we are also thankful to have a community of contributors made up of freelancing professionals from various backgrounds who guest post content from time to time. Their unique insights help ensure well-rounded perspectives on our blog.

We are always looking to expand our team and community – so if you’re passionate about our mission, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We Can Help You Too
If you are looking to get started freelancing online, improve your skills in your current role, better understand how to access government services or simply be more productive – Freelancian is here to help every step of the way.

Feel free to browse our guides, join our community discussions or reach out if you have any requests or feedback. We can’t wait to connect!