Latest Way To Recharge Your GOtv Online in Nigeria

Latest Way To Recharge Your GOtv Online in Nigeria

Recharging (renewing) your GOtv subscription in Nigeria is simple as long as you know your options. Let’s explore various convenient online methods!

How to Recharge Your GOtv Online in Nigeria

  1. GOtv Website
    • Visit the GOtv Nigeria website (
    • Log in to your MyGOtv account with your existing GOtv details.
    • Go to the “Pay” or “Recharge” section.
    • Choose your GOtv package and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the payment.
  2. MyGOtv App
    • Download the free MyGOtv app for Android or iOS devices.
    • Sign in with your GOtv account or create one if you’re new.
    • Navigate to the payment section.
    • Select your GOtv package and make the payment.
  3. Popular Payment Platforms
    • Quickteller: Visit their website or use their mobile app.
    • Paga: Utilize their online or mobile payment options.
    • PayU: Another widely used online payment platform that supports GOtv subscriptions.
    • Banks: Some Nigerian banks allow GOtv payments through their online banking platforms.

Important Reminders

  • IUC Number: Have your GOtv IUC number (sticker under your decoder) accessible for all methods.
  • Payment Options: Available options may vary between platforms, typically including debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and popular mobile money wallets.
  • Confirmation: Save any payment confirmation messages or receipts as proof of a successful recharge.

Benefits of Recharging GOtv Online

  • Convenience: Recharge from anywhere with an internet connection and avoid going to a GOtv dealer.
  • 24/7 Availability: Many online platforms are accessible around the clock.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Most online platforms support various convenient payment options.


Recharging your GOtv online in Nigeria is fast, flexible, and easy. With multiple platforms like the GOtv website, the MyGOtv app, and various payment services, you can choose the method that works best for you!

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