How To Downgrade Your GOtv Package in Nigeria After Payment

How To Downgrade Your GOtv Package in Nigeria After Payment

Sometimes, you might decide you want to switch to a lower-tier GOtv package even after you’ve already made a payment. Fortunately, there’s a way to downgrade, but understanding the process is key.

How to Downgrade Your Paid GOtv Package in Nigeria

While you can’t receive a direct refund for your initial payment, here’s the typical process:

  1. Wait for Cycle to End: You’ll generally need to wait until your current paid subscription cycle expires before initiating the downgrade.
  2. Contact GOtv: Before your package renews, use one of the following methods:
    • Visit a GOtv Dealer: Explain your desire to downgrade and they’ll likely assist you.
    • Customer Support: Use GOtv’s customer support channels like WhatsApp (+234 908 236 8533), social media, or phone to request the downgrade.
    • Online (Limited): Some packages might allow downgrades through the GOtv website or MyGOtv app, but this isn’t always an option.
  3. Select New Package: Indicate the lower-tier GOtv package you want to switch to.

Important Considerations

  • Timing Matters: The closer you are to your renewal date, the less value you’ll get from your initial payment. Downgrading early in the cycle is better.
  • Refunds: You won’t get a direct refund for the difference between your old and new package price.
  • Pro-Rating: GOtv might utilize a system where any remaining balance from your higher-priced package gets applied on a prorated basis towards your downgraded package.

Reasons to Downgrade Your GOtv Package

  • Cutting Costs: If you’re looking to save money, downgrading to a cheaper package is a good option.
  • Changing Viewing Needs: Your channel preferences might change, making a smaller package sufficient.
  • Temporary Change: Maybe you’re anticipating being away and won’t utilize a higher subscription fully. Downgrading temporarily makes sense.


Although directly downgrading and receiving a refund isn’t usually how GOtv operates in Nigeria, the process allows you to switch to a lower package. Contact GOtv support proactively towards the end of your subscription cycle for assistance.

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