Latest Ways To Upgrade Your GOtv Decoder in Nigeria (Easy)

Latest Ways To Upgrade Your GOtv Decoder in Nigeria (Easy)

Whether you want more channels or newer decoder features, upgrading your GOtv decoder in Nigeria lets you take your viewing experience to the next level. This guide unpacks various ways to upgrade and provides clear instructions.

Types of GOtv Upgrades in Nigeria

There are two main types of upgrades to consider:

  1. Package Upgrade:
    • Moving to a higher-tier GOtv package (for example, from GOtv Jinja to GOtv Jolli).
    • This gives you access to a wider range of channels.
  2. Decoder Upgrade:
    • Purchasing a newer GOtv decoder model.
    • Newer decoders might offer enhanced features like recording functionality, better picture quality, or access to additional services.

Methods to Upgrade Your GOtv Decoder in Nigeria

Here’s how to initiate your upgrade:

  • Online (GOtv Website or MyGOtv App)
    • Visit the GOtv Nigeria website ( or use the MyGOtv App.
    • Log in to your MyGOtv account.
    • Navigate to “Change Package” or similar options.
    • Choose your desired upgrade (package or decoder) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • GOtv Dealers:
    • Visit an authorized GOtv dealer in your area.
    • Tell them the upgrade you want (package or new decoder).
    • Provide your GOtv account information and make a payment if necessary.
  • Customer Support:
    • WhatsApp: GOtv Nigeria’s WhatsApp number is +234 908 236 8533
    • Social Media: Contact them on platforms like Facebook or Twitter with your upgrade request.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Cost: Both decoder and package upgrades generally involve costs. Clarify prices before proceeding.
  • IUC Number: Have your IUC number (sticker under the decoder) readily available.
  • Package Availability: Ensure your desired package is offered in your region.


Upgrading your GOtv in Nigeria opens up more entertainment possibilities. Choose between a package upgrade, a decoder upgrade, or a combination of both and employ your preferred method (online, dealer, or customer support).

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