Does GOtv Lite show Yoruba in Nigeria?

Does GOtv Lite show Yoruba in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward yes or no answer to the question “Does GOtv Lite show Yoruba in Nigeria”. Here’s why, along with ways to find out which Yoruba channels might be available to you:

Why It’s Not a Simple Answer

  • Regional Variations: The specific Yoruba channels available on GOtv Lite can vary depending on your location in Nigeria.
  • Limited Channel Selection: GOtv Lite is the most basic package, so it has a smaller channel list overall. While it might include some Yoruba content, the selection could be limited.

How to Find Yoruba Channels on GOtv Lite

Here’s the best way to check what’s available in your area:

  1. GOtv Website:
    • Visit the official GOtv Nigeria website (
    • Navigate to packages and select GOtv Lite.
    • Thoroughly examine the detailed channel list. See if the channels you’re interested in are included.
  2. Contact GOtv Support
    • Utilize GOtv Nigeria’s WhatsApp (+234 908 236 8533), social media, or phone support.
    • Specifically ask about Yoruba channel availability on GOtv Lite in your precise location.

Important Considerations

  • Consider a Higher Package: If Yoruba content is a priority, upgrading to a package like GOtv Jinja or Jolli may offer a much wider selection of Yoruba channels.
  • Local Content Focus: GOtv Lite often emphasizes local channels that are broadcasted in your specific region. Some areas might have stronger Yoruba channel lineups than others.


While GOtv Lite might carry some Yoruba content in Nigeria, the specific channel availability depends heavily on your location. To get the most accurate information, utilize the GOtv website’s channel list for your package or directly contact GOtv customer support for clarification.

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