Latest MyGOtv Apk Dowload in Nigeria (Link)

Latest MyGOtv Apk Dowload in Nigeria (Link)

The MyGOtv app is your all-in-one companion for managing your GOtv subscription in Nigeria. If you haven’t gotten it yet, this guide will provide download instructions and highlight the app’s key benefits.

Where to Download the MyGOtv App in Nigeria

Important Note: Download the app only from official sources to protect your device and GOtv account security.

  1. Google Play Store (Android):
    • Search for “MyGOtv” in the Google Play Store.
    • Choose the official app developed by MultiChoice Support Services (Pty) Ltd.
    • Click “Install”.
  2. Apple App Store (iOS):
    • Search for “MyGOtv” in the Apple App Store
    • Locate the official app by MultiChoice Support Services (Pty) Ltd.
    • Click “Get”.

What Can You Do with the MyGOtv App?

  • Manage Your Subscription: Pay for your subscription, change packages, and view your account details.
  • Fix Errors: Troubleshoot common GOtv error codes directly through the app.
  • Clear Error Codes: The app offers a feature for resolving specific error codes.
  • Get Customer Support: Contact GOtv support via the app for further assistance.
  • Watch GOtv (Limited): While not its primary function, the MyGOtv app may allow streaming of select GOtv channels, depending on your package.

Benefits of Using the MyGOtv App

  • Convenience: Manage your GOtv account anytime, anywhere.
  • 24/7 Availability: Access help and features outside of regular GOtv business hours.
  • Speed: Often faster than calling customer service or visiting a GOtv dealer in person.


  • Account Creation: You might need to create a MyGOtv account with your GOtv details if you haven’t already.
  • Internet Connection: The MyGOtv app requires an internet connection to function properly.


The MyGOtv app is a must-have tool for GOtv subscribers in Nigeria. Download it from the official app stores and simplify how you manage your GOtv experience.

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