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How A Marriage Certificate Look Like in Nigeria

How A Marriage Certificate Look Like in Nigeria

The marriage certificate is the new version issued by the Nigerian Ministry of Interior. These were introduced in 2018 to enhance security and prevent forgery. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

Layout and Design:

  • The certificate is printed on creamy-white paper with green and blue security features throughout.
  • The text is a mix of black and green, with the national coat of arms at the top center.
  • The certificate is divided into sections, clearly labeled for easy reading.

Security Features:

  • Embedded security fibers visible under UV light.
  • Guilloche patterns (complex, intricate designs) that are difficult to reproduce.
  • Microprinting, tiny text only readable with magnification.
  • Watermark featuring the Ministry of Interior logo.
  • Unique serial number printed with raised ink.


  • Part 1: This section displays the certificate’s title, “The Marriage Act,” followed by a unique serial number.
  • Part 2: This section contains the couple’s details, including full names, date of birth, nationality, addresses, and occupations.
  • Part 3: This section details the marriage ceremony itself, including the date, time, and place of the wedding, as well as the names and occupations of the witnesses.
  • Part 4: This section contains the official signatures of the marriage registrar and the couple.
  • Disclaimer: There’s a standard disclaimer at the bottom, typically stating that the certificate is non-returnable once issued and is invalid if tampered with.

Overall, the new Nigerian marriage certificate is a secure and visually appealing document that effectively serves its purpose of verifying the marital status of the couple.

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