Does StarTimes Nigeria Have a WhatsApp Number?

Does StarTimes Nigeria Have a WhatsApp Number?

Does StarTimes Nigeria Have a WhatsApp Number?

StarTimes is a popular digital TV provider in Nigeria, and many customers seek direct ways to contact them for support. While there’s interest in a StarTimes Nigeria WhatsApp number, it’s important to understand how StarTimes primarily handles customer inquiries.

Unfortunately, StarTimes Nigeria does not currently have an official WhatsApp number for customer support. They rely on other communication channels to assist their subscribers. Let’s explore these alternatives:

How to Contact StarTimes Nigeria

Here’s a breakdown of reliable ways to reach StarTimes Nigeria customer service:

  • Phone Support:
    • Call their customer care hotlines at 01 461 8888 or 09 461 8888. These are the fastest ways to get direct assistance for urgent issues.
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook: Message them on their official Facebook page “StarTimes Nigeria”.
    • Twitter: Tweet at them at @startimesNG or send a direct message.
    • Instagram: Find them as ‘startimesng’ and leave a comment or direct message.
  • Website:
  • Email:
    • Send a detailed email to [email address removed]. Include your account information for faster resolution.
  • Business Halls:
    • Visit a StarTimes business hall in your area for in-person support. Find the nearest location using their online branch locator tool.

Why No WhatsApp Number?

Here are some potential reasons why StarTimes Nigeria might not offer WhatsApp as an official support channel:

  • Managing Communication Flow: Centralizing support through phone lines, social media, and their website helps StarTimes streamline inquiries and efficiently allocate resources.
  • Formal Documentation: Email and contact forms provide a clearer record of customer interactions for tracking and quality control.

Future Possibilities

It’s always possible that StarTimes Nigeria might introduce a WhatsApp support number in the future as the platform’s use for customer service continues to grow. Be sure to check their official website or social media channels for any updates on their contact methods.


While there’s no dedicated StarTimes Nigeria WhatsApp number at this time, you have several effective ways to get in touch with their customer support team. Choose the method that best addresses your specific needs or urgency.

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