Latest StarTimes Subscription Cost in Nigeria

Latest StarTimes Subscription Cost in Nigeria

How Much Does StarTimes Cost in Nigeria?

StarTimes offers various subscription packages in Nigeria with different prices. As of March 2024, the Basic Bouquet costs ₦2,600 per month, positioning it between the Nova and Classic bouquets.

Additionally, the Classic Bouquet, designed for family entertainment, is priced at N3,000 per month and includes channels dedicated to football news, movies, music, and more.

For those looking for an affordable option, there is a bouquet that costs N900 monthly with channels like AMC, AWA Tv, Border Tv, and others.

Moreover, the StarTimes decoder is available online at prices ranging from ₦35,000 to ₦35,500.

StarTimes is a popular choice for digital television in Nigeria, offering affordable packages with a diverse channel selection. If you’re considering subscribing, you’re likely wondering, “how much does StarTimes cost in Nigeria?” Let’s break down their various subscription plans and their associated costs.

StarTimes Subscription Bouquets

StarTimes provides several bouquets (packages) to cater to different budgets and entertainment preferences. Here’s a summary of their primary options:

  • Nova Bouquet: This is the most affordable StarTimes bouquet. It offers a mix of local and international channels, making it a great choice for budget-conscious viewers.
  • Basic Bouquet: This bouquet provides additional channels compared to the Nova bouquet, including more entertainment and sports options.
  • Classic Bouquet: The Classic bouquet expands the channel lineup further, offering premium entertainment and a greater selection of international channels.
  • Unique Bouquet This bouquet provides access to a comprehensive range of StarTimes channels, including exclusive content and premium channels.
  • Super Bouquet: The Super Bouquet is StarTimes’ top-tier offering, featuring the widest selection of channels available, including exclusive sports and premium content.

Price Points (Important Note)

StarTimes subscription prices can occasionally fluctuate. It’s always best to check their official website ( or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Factors Affecting Cost

Here’s what can influence your StarTimes subscription cost:

  • Bouquet Choice: Higher-tier bouquets with more channels naturally cost more than the basic options.
  • Subscription Period: You might get discounts for longer subscription periods (e.g., monthly vs. quarterly vs. annually).
  • Promotions: StarTimes occasionally offers promotions or discounts, so it’s worth checking for deals.

How Much Does StarTimes Cost in Nigeria: Getting the Latest Information

To find the most accurate and current pricing for StarTimes bouquets:

  1. StarTimes Website: Visit their official website and look for the “Recharge” or “Subscription” section.
  2. Customer Service: Call their hotlines (01 461 8888 or 09 461 8888) for direct pricing information.
  3. StarTimes Business Halls: Visit a physical StarTimes location for in-person assistance and pricing details.


The cost of StarTimes in Nigeria depends on your chosen bouquet and any potential discounts. By understanding their package options and staying informed about current pricing, you can choose a StarTimes subscription that fits your entertainment needs and budget.

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