Latest StarTimes Frequency and Symbol Rate in Nigeria

Latest StarTimes Frequency and Symbol Rate in Nigeria

If you’re a StarTimes subscriber in Nigeria and are interested in the technical details behind their signal reception, understanding frequency and symbol rate is essential. These parameters play a crucial role in tuning into your favorite StarTimes channels. In this blog post, we’ll break down StarTimes frequency and symbol rate in Nigeria, and how to find this information.

What are Frequency and Symbol Rate?

  • Frequency: This refers to the specific radio frequency band used by a satellite to transmit its signal. Think of it as the “channel” on which the satellite broadcasts. StarTimes utilizes different frequencies depending on the satellite it uses for the Nigerian market.
  • Symbol Rate: This indicates the speed at which data is transmitted on a particular frequency. The symbol rate is important for your satellite dish and decoder to correctly process the incoming signal.

Why Do These Parameters Matter?

To successfully tune into StarTimes channels, your satellite dish and decoder must be configured with the correct frequency and symbol rate. Incorrect settings will prevent you from receiving any channels or lead to poor signal quality.

Where to Find StarTimes Frequency and Symbol Rate in Nigeria

The frequency and symbol rate for StarTimes in Nigeria are as follows:

  • Position: 9 degrees East
  • Satellite: Eutelsat 10 A
  • Frequencies and Symbol Rates: 919 (H) 27.500; 11.939 (V) 27.500.

Here’s where you can reliably find the necessary information:

  1. StarTimes Website: Visit the official StarTimes Nigeria website ( They might have a dedicated section or support page listing frequencies and symbol rates.
  2. Installation Manuals: If you still have the installation guide that came with your StarTimes equipment, it should contain the relevant frequencies and symbol rates.
  3. Online Satellite Forums: Websites dedicated to satellite TV often maintain updated lists of frequencies and symbol rates for various providers, including StarTimes in Nigeria.
  4. Lyngsat: Lyngsat ( is a comprehensive resource for satellite information. Search for the specific satellite StarTimes uses in Nigeria to find its frequencies and symbol rates.

Important Note: StarTimes might occasionally change its frequencies or symbol rates. It’s always advisable to check for the most up-to-date information to ensure optimal reception.

How to Use Frequency and Symbol Rate

Once you find the correct frequency and symbol rate, you’ll typically need to enter them into your StarTimes decoder’s settings menu. Refer to your decoder’s user manual for specific instructions on how to adjust these parameters.


Knowing about StarTimes frequency and symbol rate in Nigeria empowers you to troubleshoot potential reception issues and ensures you get the best possible viewing experience. Use the provided resources to find the latest information and keep your StarTimes setup tuned for optimal performance.

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