Latest Correct Way To Upgrade 9mobile SIM To 4G

Latest Correct Way To Upgrade 9mobile SIM To 4G

Here’s a blog post explaining how to upgrade your 9mobile SIM card to be 4G capable:

Upgrading Your 9mobile SIM to 4G

To enjoy faster speeds and improved connectivity on 9mobile’s 4G LTE network, you might need to upgrade your SIM card. Here’s what you need to know:

Identifying If You Need an Upgrade

  • SIM Age: If your SIM card is several years old, it’s likely not 4G-compatible.
  • “4G” Symbol: Look for a “4G” or “LTE” symbol printed directly on your SIM card. If it’s missing, you probably need an upgrade.
  • Device 4G Issues: If you have a 4G-compatible phone but aren’t seeing the 4G/LTE icon in your status bar (and you’re in a covered area), your SIM might be the issue.

How to Upgrade Your 9mobile SIM

  1. Visit a 9mobile Experience Center: The easiest way is to go to a designated 9mobile store or service center. You can find locations on the 9mobile website.
  2. Bring Your ID: Have your valid government-issued ID (national ID, driver’s license, etc.) with you.
  3. Request a 4G Upgrade: Inform the representative that you’d like to upgrade your SIM card to 4G.
  4. New SIM and Activation: You’ll be provided with a new 4G-enabled SIM card. They’ll usually activate it for you on the spot.

Important Notes

  • Free Upgrade: Typically, upgrading your SIM to 4G is free of charge.
  • Number Stays the Same: You will retain your existing phone number.
  • Save Your Contacts: Back up the contacts stored on your old SIM card, as they might not transfer automatically.

Additional Considerations

  • Device Compatibility: Ensure your phone supports 9mobile’s 4G LTE frequencies, even with a new SIM card.
  • Coverage: Check 9mobile’s coverage map to confirm 4G availability in your area.


Upgrading your 9mobile SIM to 4G is simple and usually free. By visiting a 9mobile Experience Center, you can quickly get set up to enjoy the benefits of faster data speeds.

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