Latest Quick Way to Check Your Voicemail on 9mobile

Latest Quick Way to Check Your Voicemail on 9mobile

Missed an important call? 9mobile’s voicemail service lets people leave messages when you’re unavailable. Here’s how to access and check those messages:

Directly from Your 9mobile Phone

  1. Dial 302: This is the dedicated code to access your 9mobile voicemail.
  2. Follow the Prompts: You’ll hear automated instructions. Options usually include:
    • Listening to new messages
    • Listening to saved messages
    • Changing your voicemail settings

From a Different Phone

  1. Dial Your 9mobile Number: Call your own 9mobile number from any phone.
  2. Press the Star (*) Key: When your voicemail greeting begins, press the star [*] key on the phone’s keypad.
  3. Enter Your PIN: You’ll be asked for your voicemail PIN. If you don’t remember it, contact 9mobile customer support.

Important Notes

  • Voicemail Notifications: You’ll usually receive an SMS notification when a new voicemail message is received.
  • Indicator Icon: Many phones display a voicemail icon on the screen when you have unheard messages.

Additional Tips

  • Customizing Your Greeting: You can usually change your voicemail greeting by dialing 302 and navigating the menu.
  • Remote Access: Checking your voicemail remotely allows you to stay updated even when you don’t have your 9mobile phone with you.


Checking your 9mobile voicemail is quick and simple. Make sure to check it regularly so you don’t miss any important messages!

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