How to Activate/Deactivate Voicemail on 9mobile

How to Activate/Deactivate Voicemail on 9mobile

Here’s a blog post explaining how to activate and deactivate voicemail on 9mobile:

Managing Your 9mobile Voicemail

9mobile’s voicemail service lets you receive messages when you’re unable to answer calls. Here’s how to activate and deactivate the service:

How to Activate Voicemail on 9mobile

  1. Default Activation: Voicemail is typically activated by default on new 9mobile SIM cards.
  2. Reactivating Voicemail: If you previously deactivated it, follow these steps:
    • Dial *299*302*1#
  3. Accessing Your Voicemail:
    • To access voicemail messages from your 9mobile phone, simply dial 302 and follow the instructions.

How to Deactivate Voicemail on 9mobile

There are two primary ways to deactivate voicemail:

  • USSD code: Dial ##004# and follow any further prompts.
  • Calling 302: Access your voicemail by dialing 302. Follow the instructions to navigate the menu and find the deactivation option.

Important Notes

  • Accessing Voicemail from Another Phone: You can listen to your 9mobile voicemail from another phone by dialing your 9mobile number and pressing the star (*) key when the voicemail greeting starts. You’ll need your voicemail PIN.
  • Forgotten PIN: If you forget your voicemail PIN, contact 9mobile customer service at 200 for assistance.

Additional Tips

  • Customizing Your Greeting: You can usually personalize your voicemail greeting through the voicemail settings menu (accessible by dialing 302).
  • Checking Your Voicemail: Remember to check your voicemail and listen to any accumulated messages regularly.


Activating and deactivating voicemail on 9mobile is simple. Use these instructions to manage your voicemail service and ensure you never miss an important call!

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