How to Opt Out of a 9mobile Data Plan (Correct Way)

How to Opt Out of a 9mobile Data Plan (Correct Way)

There are a few different ways to cancel or stop an active data plan on your 9mobile line:

Methods for Opting Out

  1. USSD Codes:
    • Dial 2290# to stop your current auto-renewal data plan.
    • Some plans have specific cancellation codes listed on the 9mobile website.
  2. SMS:
    • Text “STOP” to 229 to attempt canceling the auto-renewal of your current data plan.
  3. 9mobile App:
    • Open the 9mobile app (if you have it installed).
    • Navigate to the data management section.
    • Look for an option to cancel or disable your current data plan.
  4. Customer Service:
    • Call 9mobile customer service at 200.
    • Explain to the representative that you’d like to cancel your data plan.

Important Considerations

  • Auto-Renewal: Most 9mobile data plans are set to automatically renew. Opting out stops this renewal, but your current plan may remain active until it expires.
  • Specific Codes: Some data plans might have unique cancellation codes. Check the 9mobile website (https://9mobile.com.ng) or your initial plan confirmation message for details.
  • Unused Data: Canceling early won’t typically provide a refund for unused data.


  • Check Your Plan: Before opting out, know which data plan is active on your account. You can usually check your balance and plan details by dialing *228#.
  • Confirm Cancellation: After opting out, it’s wise to double-check that the cancellation was successful. You might get a confirmation SMS or be able to check within the 9mobile app.


Opting out of a 9mobile data plan is straightforward. Choose the method that’s most convenient for you and be sure to confirm that the cancellation has been processed.

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