Latest 9mobile 4G Activation Code

Latest 9mobile 4G Activation Code

There isn’t a specific “activation code” to enable 4G on your 9mobile line. Here’s how to ensure you can utilize 9mobile’s 4G service if available in your area:

Requirements for Getting 9mobile 4G

  1. 4G Compatible Device: Your phone or modem needs to support the LTE frequencies used by 9mobile. Check your device specifications.
  2. 4G SIM Card: If you have an older SIM card, you might need to upgrade to a 4G-enabled SIM card. You can usually visit a 9mobile Experience Center for this.
  3. 4G Coverage: Verify that 9mobile offers 4G service in your location. Their coverage map is helpful
  4. Correct Network Settings: Make sure your device’s network settings have 4G/LTE as the preferred network type. This is typically found within your phone’s ‘Connections’ or ‘Mobile Networks’ settings, but exact steps vary between devices.

Troubleshooting if You’re Still Not Getting 4G

  • Restart Your Device: A simple reboot sometimes resolves temporary network issues.
  • Manually Search for Networks: Force your device to search for available networks, and manually select 9mobile 4G if it appears.
  • Contact 9mobile: Call 200 or visit a 9mobile Experience Center for further assistance. They can check your account and device compatibility.

Important Notes

  • Automatic for Most: For most modern phones and recent SIM cards, 4G access should happen automatically as long as you’re in a covered area.
  • Data Plan: Ensure you have an active data plan to actually use the 4G network.


There’s no singular 9mobile 4G activation code. Instead, meeting the requirements listed usually allows you to seamlessly utilize 9mobile’s 4G network where it’s available.

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