Latest Quick Way To Transfer Airtime from 9mobile to MTN

Latest Quick Way To Transfer Airtime from 9mobile to MTN

Unfortunately, 9mobile doesn’t offer a direct way to transfer airtime to an MTN number. Here’s why:

Why No Direct Airtime Transfer Between Networks

  • Competing Networks: Mobile networks in Nigeria are competitors and don’t usually facilitate sharing resources like airtime across their networks.
  • Technical Limitations: Each network has its own systems for managing airtime balances, making direct transfers between them technically challenging.

Alternatives to Direct Transfer

While you can’t directly transfer 9mobile airtime to an MTN number, here are some options:

  1. Third-Party Services:
    • Several websites and apps offer airtime exchange and conversion services.
    • These platforms allow you to sell your 9mobile airtime and get paid in MTN airtime (or sometimes even cash).
    • Be sure to research and choose reputable platforms.
  2. Exchanging with Friends or Family
    • If you know someone with an MTN line who needs airtime and has a 9mobile line, you could:
      • Transfer 9mobile airtime to their 9mobile number
      • Have them recharge your MTN number with a similar amount
  3. Selling Airtime:
    • Platforms that buy airtime could convert your 9mobile airtime to cash.
    • You can then use the cash to recharge your MTN line.

Important Considerations

  • Fees and Exchange Rates: Third-party platforms often take a commission or offer exchange rates less than the actual airtime value.
  • Reliability: Research and choose reputable websites or apps for airtime exchange to avoid scams.


While there’s no direct method for transferring airtime from 9mobile to MTN, the workaround options outlined above allow you to achieve a similar outcome. Be cautious when using third-party platforms and consider fees and exchange rates before proceeding.

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