Latest Way to Borrow Data on 9mobile

Latest Way to Borrow Data on 9mobile

If you’ve run out of data on your 9mobile line but need to stay connected, the data borrowing service comes to the rescue! Here’s a guide on how to borrow data on 9mobile:

Eligibility Requirements

Before you can borrow data, you typically need to meet these requirements:

  • Prepaid Customer: Data borrowing is generally available for prepaid 9mobile customers.
  • Active Line: You may need to have been an active subscriber for some time, often around three months.
  • Positive Usage History: Regular data usage and recharges may improve your eligibility.

How to Borrow Data

9mobile offers a few ways to borrow data:

  • USSD Code:
    • Dial *665# and follow the prompts to select “Borrow Data.” You’ll be presented with eligible data bundles and can choose the one that suits you.
  • SMS:
    • Send an SMS containing the amount of data you’d like to borrow to the code 303. Before doing this, you may wish to text ‘2’ to 303 to check your eligibility and the data bundles you can access.

Things to Remember

  • Available Amounts: 9mobile offers different data amounts you can borrow based on your eligibility.
  • Service Fee: A service fee is typically charged along with the data cost and deducted from your next recharge.
  • Repayment: Be sure to recharge your account soon to repay the borrowed data and service fee.
  • Eligibility Check: Before trying to borrow, it’s wise to check your eligibility by dialing *665# and choosing the appropriate option, or by texting the word ‘2’ to 303.

Additional Tips

  • Borrow Wisely: Borrow only the amount of data you need and can comfortably repay.
  • Alternative Options: For recurring data shortages, consider switching to a data plan with a larger allocation.
  • Usage Monitoring: Monitor your data usage to avoid frequent borrowing.


9mobile’s data borrowing service is a convenient lifeline for those moments when you run out of data unexpectedly. Remember the eligibility requirements, understand the fees, and repay promptly to utilize this service effectively.

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