How to Convert Airtel Airtime to Cash in Nigeria (Easy)

How to Convert Airtel Airtime to Cash in Nigeria (Easy)

Sometimes you might find yourself with excess Airtel airtime that you don’t immediately need. Fortunately, several platforms allow you to convert your Airtel airtime to cash (Naira) deposited directly into your bank account. This blog post will cover the best methods and platforms for hassle-free airtime-to-cash conversion in Nigeria.

Reliable Methods to Convert Airtel Airtime to Cash

Here are some of the most trusted and convenient ways to exchange your Airtel airtime for cash:

1. Prestmit

  • Visit the Prestmit website ( or download their app.
  • Create an account if you haven’t already.
  • Select “Airtime to Cash” from the options.
  • Enter your Airtel phone number, the amount of airtime to convert, and your bank account details.
  • Follow the simple steps to confirm the transaction, usually involving transferring the airtime to a designated number.
  • Prestmit typically processes the payment into your bank account within minutes.

2. Zoranga

  • Go to the Zoranga website (
  • Create an account.
  • Choose the “Airtime to Cash” option.
  • Select “Airtel” as your network provider, enter the amount you want to convert, and provide your bank information.
  • Transfer the specified amount of airtime to the provided number.
  • Once Zoranga confirms the transaction, they will send your cash equivalent to your bank account.

3. Glover

  • Access the Glover app or website (
  • Register and select “Airtime to Cash”.
  • Choose Airtel as your network and the amount for conversion.
  • Transfer the airtime and provide your bank information to receive your funds.

Important Considerations

  • Conversion Rates: Each platform has its conversion rates, which means you will get a percentage of your airtime value as cash (usually around 70-80%). Compare platforms for the best rates.
  • Transaction Fees: Some services may charge a small transaction fee.
  • Security: Choose reputable platforms to ensure your transactions are safe and secure.


Knowing how to convert Airtel airtime to cash in Nigeria gives you the flexibility to manage your airtime balance and utilize those funds as you need. With reliable platforms like Prestmit, Zoranga, and Glover, the process is fast, convenient, and secure.

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