How to Get 5G on Airtel Nigeria (Easily)

How to Get 5G on Airtel Nigeria (Easily)

While the process isn’t as simple as a code or setting, using Airtel’s 5G network in Nigeria requires the following:

1. 5G-Compatible Device

The most crucial requirement is having a smartphone or device that specifically supports 5G technology. You cannot get 5G speeds with a phone that’s only 3G or 4G capable.

  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
  • Various editions of the ZTE Nubia Z50 5G series, such as the Premium Edition, Top Edition, and Standard Editions
  • Motorola Moto G52j 5G Special
  • Other brands may also offer 5G-capable devices that are compatible with Airtel’s 5G service; however, the specific list is subject to change as new devices become available.

Check your phone’s specifications or contact the manufacturer.

2. Airtel 5G Coverage

Airtel 5G Coverage in Nigeria

As of the latest information available, Airtel Nigeria launched its 5G service in three states—Lagos, Rivers, Ogun, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

While the exact coverage details vary across different regions due to factors such as infrastructure development, here is what we know about Airtel’s 5G coverage in Nigeria:

  • In Lagos, there is a detailed coverage map available through third-party sources like, indicating areas with varying levels of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage.
  • Airtel Nigeria maintains an official 5G coverage page on their website, although the current map might not reflect real-time updates.
  • Airtel Nigeria has partnered with various device manufacturers to drive 5G adoption, including Samsung, which indicates that users should expect support for 5G on popular devices like iPhones and others.

Keep in mind that 5G coverage maps often represent estimates rather than definitive representations of actual coverage, so individual experiences may differ depending on geographic locations.

Consumers looking for accurate and updated coverage information should refer to Airtel’s official resources or utilize crowd-sourced platforms like those mentioned above.

3. 5G-Enabled SIM Card

While older Airtel SIM cards might work in a 5G phone, it’s recommended to get a newer SIM card that’s specifically optimized for 5G. You can visit an Airtel store to verify if your SIM is compatible or to get a replacement.

4. 5G Data Plan

Airtel might offer specific 5G data plans. While a 4G plan will work in a 5G area, you might not get the full speed 5G offers unless you subscribe to a dedicated plan.

How to Check If You’re Ready for 5G

  1. Device Check: Ensure your phone supports 5G.
  2. Location Check: Visit the Airtel 5G coverage information page or contact customer service.
  3. SIM Check: Visit an Airtel store to confirm that your SIM card is 5G-ready.


Upgrading to 5G on Airtel Nigeria is primarily dependent on your device and location. If you have a 5G smartphone and are in a 5G coverage area, getting a newer SIM card and subscribing to a 5G data plan, if required, is all you need to do.

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