Private Number on Airtel in Nigeria: Activate/Deactivate

Private Number on Airtel in Nigeria: Activate/Deactivate

While caller ID blocking has its uses, sometimes you want your number to display when making calls. Airtel Nigeria lets you easily remove the “Private Number” restriction. Here’s how to do it depending on your needs:

How to activate private number on Airtel in Nigeria

To activate a private number on Airtel in Nigeria, you can follow these steps based on the information from the search results:

Method 1: Hide Your Number:

  • Open your dialer app and type #31# before the number you want to call.
  • For example, if the number is 08031234567, dial #31#08031234567 and then press the dial-up button on your Airtel line.

Method 2: Per-Call Method:

  • Note that hiding your number using #31# is a per-call method, meaning you will need to dial #31# before each call if you wish to hide your ID.

you can activate a private number when making calls on Airtel in Nigeria.

Methods to Show Your Number on Airtel Nigeria

1. Per-Call Basis

  • Prefix your call with #31#.
  • Example: If the number you want to call is 08012345678, you would dial #31#08012345678

2. Deactivate Caller ID Blocking Entirely

  • Dial *31# and press the call button. You’ll receive a confirmation message.
  • Note: With this method, your number will always show unless you reactivate the private number feature.

Important Notes

  • These methods apply only to outgoing calls made from your Airtel line.
  • Some recipients may have settings that block calls from unknown numbers, even if you’ve disabled private calling on your end.

Situations Where You Might Want To Disable Private Number

  • Call Backs: When expecting a call back from a business or individual, showing your number increases the chance of them answering.
  • Important Communication: For calls to emergency services, banks, or official organizations, revealing your number is often a necessity.
  • Building Trust: Showing your number can add credibility to your call in some professional or personal situations.


Knowing how to remove private number settings on Airtel Nigeria lets you take control over your caller ID. Choose the per-call method (#31#) for flexibility or disable it entirely (*31#) if you want your number to show by default.

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