Latest Code to Unhide Number on Airtel in Nigeria

Latest Code to Unhide Number on Airtel in Nigeria

Want to make sure your number is displayed when calling someone on Airtel Nigeria? The process is simple. Learn the codes to unhide your number so your calls aren’t marked as “Private Number”.

Codes to Reveal Your Number

Airtel provides two ways to disable caller ID restriction:

  • Per-Call Unhiding:
    • Add the prefix #31# before the number you wish to call.
    • Example: To call 08012345678 with your number displayed, dial #31#08012345678
  • Permanent Unhiding:
    • Dial *31# and press the call button.
    • This disables caller ID restriction for all outgoing calls until you reactivate the private number feature.

When to Unhide Your Number

  • Expecting Callbacks: If you’re waiting for someone to call you back, revealing your number increases the likelihood they’ll answer.
  • Official or Emergency Calls: Calls to services like banks or emergency services often require a visible caller ID.
  • Professional Communications: Showing your number can add a level of professionalism in some work situations.

Important Notes

  • The recipient might still have settings to block unknown numbers, even if you use these codes.
  • To re-enable the “Private Number” feature, consult Airtel’s resources for the specific code, often involving a star (*) symbol.


Knowing the codes to unhide your number on Airtel Nigeria gives you flexibility in managing your caller ID. Use #31# for per-call unhiding or *31# to disable the “Private Number” setting for all outgoing calls.

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