How to Check Your Nigerian Airtel Number in Ghana

How to Check Your Nigerian Airtel Number in Ghana

If you’ve traveled to Ghana with your Nigerian Airtel SIM and need to recall your number, there are a few easy ways to retrieve it. Let’s cover the options you have.

Methods to Find Your Nigerian Airtel Number While In Ghana

  1. Check Your Contacts:
  • If you saved your own Nigerian Airtel number in your phone’s contact list before leaving, you can easily find it there.
  1. Welcome SMS:
  • Look through your SMS messages. Often, when you roam into a new network, you will receive a welcome SMS that might show your phone number.
  1. Call A Friend/Family:
  • If you have airtime, call a friend or family member in Nigeria or Ghana. Your number will display on their phone.
  1. USSD Codes (May not work while roaming):
  • Attempt to use the standard Nigerian Airtel number check codes: * Dial *121*9# or *282#. * These might not function while roaming but are worth trying.
  1. Airtel Customer Service:
  • Contact Airtel Nigeria customer service from Ghana. International calling rates will apply. Explain your situation, provide identification, and a representative can tell you your number. * Airtel Nigeria: +234 802 1500 111 or +234 802 1500 121

Important Considerations

  • Roaming Charges: Be aware that making calls or using USSD codes while roaming in Ghana can incur international charges.
  • Documentation: If you contact customer service, have identification ready (passport, etc.) that links you to your Nigerian Airtel account.


Retrieving your Nigerian Airtel number while in Ghana is simple. Try the readily available methods first, such as checking your contacts or welcome messages. If needed, contact Airtel customer service for assistance.

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