How to Get an Airtel Transfer Pin in Nigeria

How to Get an Airtel Transfer Pin in Nigeria

Airtel’s Me2U service allows subscribers to transfer airtime to other Airtel lines. To ensure secure transactions, you’ll need a transfer PIN. This blog post will guide you through creating your initial Airtel transfer PIN or resetting it if you’ve forgotten it.

What is an Airtel Transfer PIN?

  • A four-digit PIN required to authorize airtime transfers using Airtel’s Me2U service.
  • The default PIN is 1234, but it’s highly recommended to change it.

How to Get Your Airtel Transfer PIN

Scenario 1: Creating a New Transfer PIN

  1. SMS: Send the following SMS to 432: “PIN [Default PIN] [New PIN]” (Replace the brackets with actual PINs. Example: PIN 1234 5678)
  2. USSD Code: Dial *432# and follow the prompts to:
    • Select “Change PIN”
    • Enter your old PIN (default is 1234)
    • Enter your new desired PIN twice for confirmation

Scenario 2: Resetting a Forgotten PIN

  1. Customer Care: Dial 111 or 121 to speak with an Airtel customer care representative. You’ll need to answer security questions to verify your identity.
  2. Airtel Store: Visit an authorized Airtel store with valid identification.

Important Reminders

  • Choose a Memorable PIN: Pick a PIN you’ll easily remember but is difficult for others to guess. Avoid using birthdays or simple sequences.
  • Don’t Share: Keep your transfer PIN confidential to protect your airtime balance.
  • Change Infrequently: Consider changing your PIN periodically for additional security.

How to Transfer Airtime with Me2U

Once you have your transfer PIN, follow these steps to share airtime:

  • Dial *432*AirtelNumber*Amount# and press send. (Example: *432*08012345678*500#)
  • Enter your transfer PIN to confirm the transaction.


Knowing how to get or reset your Airtel transfer PIN in Nigeria is essential for utilizing the convenient Me2U service. By setting a secure PIN, you can easily share airtime with friends and family while protecting your account.

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