How To Upgrade Prepaid Meter Online in Nigeria

How To Upgrade Prepaid Meter Online in Nigeria

Here’s a detailed guide on how to upgrade your prepaid meter online in Nigeria. Please note that the specific processes may vary slightly depending on your electricity distribution company (DisCo).

General Steps

how to upgrade prepaid meter online in nigeria
  1. NIN-Meter Link: Most DisCos now require you to link your National Identification Number (NIN) with your meter number. You can usually do this through the DisCo’s website or a designated portal. Here’s the smart KYC portal for Ikeja Electric:
  2. Key Change Token (KCT): To upgrade, you’ll need Key Change Tokens (KCTs), which are special reset tokens for your meter. Here are ways to get KCTs:
    • DisCo Office: Visit your DisCo’s office to obtain KCTs.
    • Online Portals: Some DisCos (like Ikeja Electric) have online portals for requesting KCTs. Visit their website.
    • USSD Code: Some DisCos may offer a USSD code service to get KCTs. Dial the code and follow the prompts.
  3. Purchase Electricity Token: After getting the KCTs, the next time you purchase an electricity token, you’ll likely receive three sets of tokens:
  • KCT 1 (Key Change Token 1)
  • KCT 2 (Key Change Token 2)
  • Your regular electricity token
  1. Meter Upgrade:
    • Input the first KCT (KCT 1) token into your prepaid meter. This typically wipes the old settings.
    • Input the second KCT (KCT 2), which finalizes the upgrade process.
    • Input your purchased electricity token to load the units onto your meter.

Example: Upgrading an Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your meter number.
  3. Click “Submit” and you’ll receive two 20-digit KCTs.

Important Notes

  • DisCo Websites: Always check your DisCo’s website for their specific meter upgrade instructions.
  • Compatibility: Not all prepaid meters may be eligible for online upgrades. Check with your DisCo.
  • Professional Assistance: If you’re unsure, consider contacting your DisCo’s customer service or a qualified electrician for help with the upgrade process.

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