How to Get KCT Number Online in Nigeria

How to Get KCT Number Online in Nigeria

Here’s a guide specifically on how to get KCT number online in Nigeria.

What is a KCT Number?

Before we dive in, let’s clarify what a KCT number is. KCT stands for Key Change Token. It’s a unique 20-digit number required to update the software of some prepaid electricity meters in Nigeria.

This update often becomes necessary after linking your meter to a National Identification Number (NIN) or during meter maintenance.

How to Get KCT Number Online in Nigeria

Here are common ways to obtain your KCT number online:

1. Electricity Distribution Company (Disco) Websites

  • IBEDC: Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company has a dedicated website for this purpose:
  • Other Discos: Check your Disco’s official website. Some Discos like Ikeja Electric may have sections where you can generate a KCT online.

2. Third-Party Platforms:

  • VTpass:

3. USSD Codes:

  • Some Discos provide USSD codes for their customers to retrieve KCT numbers. For example, Ikeja Electric customers can dial *7024# and follow the prompts. (Note: There might be a small service charge)

Important Notes:

  • Availability: Not all Discos offer online KCT retrieval services.
  • Verification: Always double-check the source of your KCT to ensure it’s from your official Disco or a reputable platform.
  • Fees: Some methods may involve a small fee or service charge.

Additional Tips

  • Contact Customer Service: If you’re unsure, contact your Disco’s customer service for the most reliable method to get a KCT number.
  • Have Your Meter Number Ready: Your meter number is essential for generating a KCT.

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