Code to Check Glo Number: The Easiest Ways

Code to Check Glo Number: The Easiest Ways

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget your own phone number. Fortunately, Glo provides several quick and hassle-free methods to retrieve your Glo number.

Here’s the primary code to check your Glo number:

  • USSD Code: Dial *135*8#
    • Your Glo number will be displayed on the screen almost instantly.

Alternative Methods

  • Call a Friend: Dial a friend or family member’s number. Your number will appear on their screen.
  • Glo hsi Portal:
    • Visit the Glo hsi portal: on any device connected to your Glo line.
    • Log in or create an account using your Glo number.
    • Your phone number will usually be displayed within your account settings.
  • SIM Pack: If you still have your original SIM card packaging, your Glo number may be printed on it.


  • Write It Down: Once you’ve retrieved your number, write it down somewhere safe for future reference.
  • Memorize: Try to memorize your Glo number for easy recall.


Knowing the code to check your Glo number (*135*8#) is a useful trick for those occasional memory lapses. With these additional methods, you’ll always be able to find your Glo number when you need it.

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