Glo Yakata vs. Glo Berekete: Which Tariff Plan is Best?

Glo Yakata vs. Glo Berekete: Which Tariff Plan is Best?

Glo offers a range of tariff plans to suit different needs, and two of the most popular options are Glo Yakata and Glo Berekete. Here’s a breakdown of their features and benefits to help you decide which one is right for you.

Glo Yakata vs. Glo Berekete: Which Tariff Plan Suits You Best?

Glo Yakata

  • Key Benefits:
    • Massive data bonuses on recharges
    • Free on-net calls and calls to other networks (for the first minute each day)
    • Low call rates
  • Best For:
    • Data-hungry users who want extra value.
    • Those who make frequent but short calls.

Glo Berekete +

  • Key Benefits:
    • Very low call rates to Glo lines after a qualifying recharge
    • 700% bonus on recharges (split between voice and data)
    • Competitive rates for calls to other networks.
  • Best For:
    • Heavy callers, especially those primarily calling within the Glo network.

Comparing Glo Yakata and Glo Berekete

FeatureGlo YakataGlo Berekete +
Data BonusExcellentGood
On-net Call RatesFreeVery Low (recharge dependent)
Calls to Other NetworksLow with free first minuteCompetitive
Recharge Bonus ValidityVaries based on amount7 days

Choosing the Right Plan for You

Consider your typical usage patterns:

  • Heavy Data User? Glo Yakata’s substantial data bonuses might be the better choice.
  • Talk More than Text? If you make lengthy Glo-to-Glo calls, Glo Berekete’s low rates could save you money.
  • Mix of Calls and Data? Both plans offer value, so compare the specific benefits and call rates based on your recharge amount.

Additional Notes

  • Migration: You can easily switch between Glo tariff plans using the provided migration codes.
  • Check the Latest: Visit the Glo website ( for the most updated benefits and conditions of each plan.


Both Glo Yakata and Glo Berekete + are great options depending on your individual needs. By analyzing your call and data patterns, you can pick the tariff plan that maximizes value and fits your communication style.

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