How to Upgrade Glo SIM to 4G: Get Faster Speeds

How to Upgrade Glo SIM to 4G: Get Faster Speeds

To enjoy the faster speeds and improved connectivity of Glo’s 4G network, you’ll need a 4G-compatible SIM card. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to upgrade:

Step 1: Check Your Device Compatibility

  • 4G-ready Phone: Ensure your phone supports 4G LTE networks. You can usually find this information in your phone’s settings or the manufacturer’s specifications.

Step 2: Verify Your Current SIM

  • Look for 4G Markings: If your SIM card has “4G” or “LTE” printed on it, you likely already have a 4G SIM.
  • No Markings? Time for an Upgrade: If your SIM is older and has no 4G markings, you’ll need to get a new one.

Step 3: Upgrade Your Glo SIM

Glo provides easy ways to get a 4G SIM:

  • Visit a Glo Outlet:
    • Locate a Glo World, Glo Zone, or authorized SIM swap outlet.
    • Bring your current Glo SIM and valid identification (your NIN slip may be required).
    • A representative will assist you with the upgrade, usually free of charge.
  • Text to Upgrade:
    • Text “4G” to 400 from your Glo line.
    • Follow the SMS instructions to confirm the upgrade and provide relevant details.

Step 4: Activate and Enjoy

  • Insert New SIM: Once you get the new SIM, insert it into your 4G-compatible phone.
  • Update Network Settings: Go to your phone’s network settings and select the 4G or LTE preferred network mode.
  • Ready for Faster Speeds: You should now be able to experience Glo’s 4G network, if available in your area.

Important Notes:


Upgrading your Glo SIM to 4G opens up a world of faster download speeds, smoother streaming, and overall enhanced mobile internet experience. By following these simple steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy the benefits of 4G in no time!

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