Glo Enterprise ID for Virtual NIN: What You Need to Know

Glo Enterprise ID for Virtual NIN: What You Need to Know

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) introduced the Virtual NIN (VNIN) to provide a temporary and tokenized alternative to the physical NIN, especially for digital identity verification purposes. If you want to generate a VNIN specifically linked to your Glo line, you’ll need your Glo Enterprise ID.

Understanding the Glo Enterprise ID

  • Unique Code: The Glo Enterprise ID is a unique code assigned to organizations and corporate bodies that partner with NIMC for VNIN generation.
  • Not for Individuals: This ID is NOT the same as your personal Glo phone number.
  • Agent Code Alternative: Glo subscribers without access to their company’s Enterprise ID can typically use the code “471335” (this is a Glo agent code).

How to Generate a Virtual NIN Using Glo

  1. Dial the USSD Code: Dial *346*3*Your 11-Digit NIN*109071# from your Glo SIM. Be sure to replace “Your 11-digit NIN” with your actual National Identity Number.
  2. Receive Your VNIN: Upon successful submission, you’ll receive an SMS containing your 16-digit Virtual NIN.

Important Notes:

  • NIN Requirement: To generate a VNIN, you must have an existing NIN. You cannot obtain a new NIN through this process.
  • Enterprise ID Purpose: The primary function of the Enterprise ID is to associate the generated VNIN with that specific company or organization.
  • Charges Apply: Generating a VNIN usually incurs a small cost (around N20).

What if I Don’t Have a Glo Enterprise ID?

  • Glo Agent Code: Try using the Glo agent code “471335” as explained above.
  • Other Network Providers: Consider generating a VNIN using a different mobile network provider (MTN, Airtel) if they have a publicly available enterprise/agent code.


Knowing how to use your Glo Enterprise ID (or an agent code) is crucial for generating a Virtual NIN associated with your Glo line. This VNIN can be used for various digital transactions and identity verification where your physical NIN might be inconvenient or pose security risks.

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