Does Glo Have eSIM? Everything You Need to Know

Does Glo Have eSIM? Everything You Need to Know

eSIMs (embedded SIMs) offer a modern and streamlined way to connect to cellular networks. Their digital nature eliminates the need for physical SIM cards, enabling more flexibility and convenient switching between carriers. If you’re a Glo customer, you might be wondering “Does Glo have eSIM?”

Let’s delve into Glo’s eSIM support and what you need to know.

Current Status: Glo eSIM Availability

As of the date of this post (February 27, 2023), Glo does not currently offer eSIM support in Nigeria. This means Glo customers cannot activate a new line or convert their existing physical Glo SIM into an eSIM directly through the carrier.

Why Doesn’t Glo Have eSIM yet?

The adoption of eSIM technology is still relatively recent in Nigeria. Barriers like infrastructure requirements, regulatory processes, and device compatibility may be factors influencing the timeline of eSIM availability from Glo.

How Can I Use an eSIM with Glo in the Future?

While Glo doesn’t have its own eSIM service yet, there are potential workarounds if you have an eSIM-compatible device:

  • Dual SIM: Some phones equipped for eSIM functionality also have a physical SIM slot. You could use a Glo physical SIM while using an eSIM from a different supported carrier.
  • Waiting for Glo’s eSIM launch: Keep an eye on Glo’s announcements. As technology evolves and the Nigerian market adapts, Glo will likely introduce eSIM support in the future.

What are the Benefits of eSIMs?

If Glo eventually launches eSIM support, here are some benefits to look forward to:

  • Simplified carrier switching: You can easily switch between carriers digitally, without needing to obtain or swap physical SIM cards.
  • Travel convenience: Easily add local eSIM plans when traveling internationally, potentially saving on roaming charges.
  • Multiple numbers on one device: With eSIM support, you can have multiple mobile lines active simultaneously on a single device.


Although Glo does not currently offer eSIM support, the technology is gaining momentum in Nigeria. It’s likely that Glo will adopt eSIM services in the future, bringing greater convenience and flexibility to its customers.

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