How To Complain to Glo Customer Care (Contacts)

How To Complain to Glo Customer Care (Contacts)

Experiencing issues with your Glo service can be frustrating, whether it’s network problems, billing disputes, or other concerns. Fortunately, Glo offers several channels for customers to register complaints and get support.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the various ways to contact Glo customer care, explaining the best methods for specific situations, and providing tips for getting a quick and satisfactory resolution.

Methods to Complain to Glo Customer Care

Here’s a breakdown of your options:

  1. Call the Customer Care Hotline:
  • Prepaid Lines: Dial 121 from your Glo line
  • Postpaid Lines: Dial 200 from your Glo line
  • Other Networks: Dial +234 805 002 0121 or +234 805 002 0200
  1. Social Media:
  1. Email:
  • General Support:
  • Corporate Support:
  1. Visit a Glo Store:
  • Find a Glo outlet near you and discuss your issue with a customer service representative. Use the Glo Store locator: [invalid URL removed]
  1. Glo Website:

Tips for Effective Complaints

  • Be Clear and Concise: Explain your issue clearly, providing relevant details (phone number, account details, the nature of the problem).
  • Stay Calm: While it’s natural to feel frustrated, approach the situation calmly and professionally. This will aid in better communication.
  • Document Everything: Keep records of your interactions with Glo customer care, including call times, representative names, and any solutions proposed.
  • Escalate if Needed: If you’re not satisfied with the initial response, ask to speak to a supervisor or escalate your complaint through Glo’s official complaint channels.

Which Method is Best?

  • Urgent Matters: For immediate concerns, calling customer care is usually the fastest route.
  • Technical Issues: Phone support may be best for troubleshooting problems with your line or service.
  • Documentation: Email or the website contact form allow you to create a written record of your complaint and any responses.
  • Complex Issues: Visiting a Glo store might be preferable if your issue requires in-depth explanation or documentation.


Knowing how you can complain to Glo customer care empowers you to resolve any service issues effectively. By using the appropriate channels and following our tips, you can work towards getting the help and solutions you need.

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