Latest GOtv Nigeria Activation Code (That Works)

Latest GOtv Nigeria Activation Code (That Works)

After purchasing a new GOtv decoder in Nigeria, there’s one more step before you start enjoying your favorite entertainment: activation. The GOtv Nigeria activation code is important for linking your decoder with your subscription information. Let’s dive into what this code is and how to use it.

What is the GOtv Nigeria Activation Code?

The GOtv Nigeria activation code isn’t a single code that applies to everyone. Here’s what it actually entails:

  • IUC Number: The most important code is your IUC number. It’s a unique identifier linked to your decoder, located on a sticker underneath it. Think of it as your decoder’s ‘fingerprint’.
  • Activation Instructions: These are not always a code, but step-by-step directions to activate your subscription using different methods.

How to Activate Your GOtv Nigeria Subscription

There are several ways to activate your new GOtv service in Nigeria. The most common methods include:

  1. SMS Activation
    • Create a new text message.
    • Type “ACCEPT * IUC Number * Last Name” (Replace IUC Number with your actual number).
    • Send the SMS to 4688.
    • You’ll receive a confirmation message once activation is successful.
  2. USSD Activation
    • Dial *288# on your mobile phone.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts, which will likely involve entering your IUC number for activation.
  3. Online Activation (GOtv Website)
    • Visit the GOtv Nigeria website (
    • Search for the activation option, or log into your MyGOtv account if you have one.
    • Provide your IUC number and other required information to complete the activation process.
  4. WhatsApp Activation
    • Add GOtv Nigeria’s WhatsApp number (+234 908 236 8533) to your contacts.
    • Start a chat and provide your IUC number along with an activation request.
  5. Visiting a GOtv Dealer
    • If you prefer or need in-person assistance, you can visit an authorized GOtv dealer to have them handle the activation for you.

Important Notes:

  • Active Subscription: Ensure you have purchased a GOtv subscription package before attempting activation. Your decoder won’t work without a valid subscription.
  • Correct IUC Number: Double-check your IUC number to avoid errors and delays.
  • Allow Time for Activation: The activation process may take some time, so be patient before expecting to see channels.


Activating your GOtv Nigeria subscription doesn’t have to be complicated. Your IUC number is the key piece of information, along with clear activation instructions that you can usually find on the GOtv website, inside your decoder box, or by contacting GOtv customer support. After successful activation, sit back and enjoy the extensive world of entertainment that GOtv offers!

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