Latest New Code to Load Glo Card

Latest New Code to Load Glo Card

Need to top up your Glo airtime balance? The process of loading a Glo card is simple. However, Glo may occasionally update its recharge methods. Let’s cover the current, or “new”, way to load your Glo card and cover alternatives as well.

How to Recharge Using a Glo Recharge Card

Here’s the standard process for loading a Glo card:

  1. Reveal the PIN: Gently scratch off the silver panel on the back of your Glo recharge card to reveal the PIN (usually 15 digits).
  2. Dial the Code: Dial *123*PIN# from your Glo line, replacing “PIN” with the actual numbers you uncovered.
  3. Press Send/Call: Press the send or call button to initiate the recharge.
  4. Confirmation Message: You’ll receive an SMS confirming the recharge amount and your new balance.

Alternative Recharge Methods

Besides using a physical scratch card, here are a few other ways to load your Glo airtime:

  • Glo hsi Portal:
    • Visit
    • Log in or create an account using your Glo phone number.
    • Select the “Recharge” option and follow the instructions.
  • Bank Apps and USSD Codes: Most Nigerian banks allow you to recharge your Glo line directly from their mobile banking apps or by using their specific USSD codes.
  • Third-Party Vendors: Online platforms like VTpass, Quickteller, and JumiaPay facilitate Glo airtime purchases.

Important Notes

  • Avoid Damaging the PIN: Be careful not to scratch too hard when revealing the PIN on your recharge card.
  • Validity: Recharge amounts usually have a validity period. Use the airtime before it expires.


Knowing the new code to load a Glo card (*123*PIN#) keeps you connected, but it’s worth knowing the alternatives in case you can’t find physical recharge cards. Glo offers numerous convenient recharge options depending on your preference.

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