Glo Customer Care Number on WhatsApp: Is it Possible?

Glo Customer Care Number on WhatsApp: Is it Possible?

While it would be incredibly convenient to have a dedicated Glo customer care number on WhatsApp, that service is not currently available. Unfortunately, Glo does not offer official customer support directly through WhatsApp.

But there are alternatives! Here are a few reliable ways to contact Glo customer care:

  • Traditional Hotline:
    • Prepaid lines: Dial 121 from your Glo line
    • Postpaid lines: Dial 200 from your Glo line
    • Other Networks: Dial +234 805 002 0121 or +234 805 002 0200
  • Glo Website’s Contact Us Form:
  • Social Media:
  • Email:
    • General Support:
    • Corporate Support:
  • Glo Store Visit: Locate a Glo World store or outlet near you and discuss your issue in person.

Why Doesn’t Glo Have a WhatsApp Support Option?

Here are some potential reasons:

  • Volume: Glo likely handles a massive number of customer inquiries. Direct WhatsApp support may not be scalable for their volume.
  • Verification: It can be harder to verify a customer’s identity and account details through WhatsApp compared to phone calls or in-person interaction.
  • Complexity: Some issues may require extensive troubleshooting or multiple steps that are better handled via phone or email.

Tips for Effective Communication with Glo Customer Care

Whether you’re calling, using the website form, or messaging on social media:

  • Be clear and specific: Explain your issue clearly with relevant details (phone number, account info, etc.).
  • Stay calm: Maintain professionalism, even if you’re experiencing frustrations.
  • Take notes: Keep a record of interactions, including representative names and any proposed solutions.


Although Glo doesn’t have a dedicated WhatsApp support line, they offer multiple channels to get the help you need. By exploring the alternatives, you can still find quick and effective solutions to your issues.

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