Latest Correct Way to Hide Number on Glo (Private Calls)

Latest Correct Way to Hide Number on Glo (Private Calls)

There are occasions when you might want to keep your phone number hidden when making a call on your Glo line. Fortunately, Glo lets you do this easily, whether you need it for just a single call or want to mask your number more frequently.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the different methods available for hiding your number on Glo.

Methods to Hide Your Number on Glo

  1. Temporary (Per-Call) Hiding
    • Prefix the number you want to call with #31#.
    • Example: To call 08055551234 while hiding your number, you would dial #31#08055551234.
    • Your number will only be hidden for that specific call.
  2. Enabling Caller ID Restriction
    • Dial *31# and then press send or call.
    • This activates caller ID restriction, hiding your number for all outgoing calls.
  3. Deactivating Caller ID Restriction
    • Dial #31# and then press send or call.
    • This turns your caller ID back on for all future calls.

Important Notes

  • Temporary vs. Permanent: Choose the method based on whether you want to hide your number for a single call or for ongoing calls.
  • Some Calls May Not Be Hidden: Certain numbers or services might override your caller ID blocking.

Reasons to Hide Your Caller ID

  • Privacy: Protect your number from unknown callers or when making sensitive calls.
  • Marketing: Avoid revealing your personal number during sales or outreach calls.
  • Avoiding Unwanted Follow-up: Prevent people or businesses from calling you back unnecessarily.

Additional Tips

  • Test It Out: Call a friend or another of your own lines to verify your number is successfully hidden before using it in important scenarios.
  • Use Responsibly: Avoid using this feature for harassment or malicious purposes.


Knowing how to hide your number on Glo gives you added control over your privacy when making calls. Whether it’s an occasional need or a more regular preference, Glo makes the process straightforward.

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