9mobile Phone Numbers: Examples and Identification

9mobile Phone Numbers: Examples and Identification

9mobile (formerly Etisalat) is a popular mobile network in Nigeria. It’s easy to identify 9mobile numbers based on their unique prefixes. Here’s a breakdown:

9mobile Number Prefixes

9mobile uses the following prefixes for their phone numbers:

  • 0809
  • 0817
  • 0818
  • 0908
  • 0909

Example 9mobile Numbers

Here are a few examples of what valid 9mobile numbers look like:

  • 0809 123 4567
  • 0818 987 6543
  • 0908 543 2109
  • 0909 876 5432

How to Tell if a Number is 9mobile

Simply look at the beginning of the phone number:

  • If it starts with any of the prefixes listed above, it’s a 9mobile number.
  • If it has a different prefix, then it belongs to a different network (like MTN, Glo, or Airtel).

Important Note: In the past, some 9mobile prefixes were used by different networks. For the most accurate information, it’s always a good idea to double-check the current operator prefixes on an up-to-date reference website like this one: https://smartsmssolutions.com/blog/113-phone-numbers/1313-list-of-9mobile-numbers


Recognizing 9mobile numbers is easy. Remember the prefixes, and you’ll know instantly if you’re looking at a 9mobile number or one belonging to a different network.

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