Latest Code To Check 9mobile Number

Latest Code To Check 9mobile Number

Sometimes we forget even the most basic information, like our own phone number. Luckily, 9mobile provides quick and easy ways to retrieve your phone number.

The Primary Method: USSD Code

The easiest way to check your 9mobile number is by using this simple USSD code:

Dial *248# and press the call/send button. Your 9mobile number will be displayed on the screen.

Other Ways to Find Your Number

  • Call a Friend: Call another phone and ask the person to tell you the number that shows up on their screen.
  • “Call Me Back” Service: Use 9mobile’s “Call Me Back” service by dialing 266 followed by a friend’s 9mobile number#. They’ll receive a request, and when they call you back, your number will be displayed.
  • 9mobile App: If you have the 9mobile app installed, your number may be displayed within your account settings.
  • SIM Pack: Your 9mobile SIM card pack usually has your phone number printed on it, if you still have it available.

Why It’s Good to Know Your Number

  • Recharges: You often need your number for airtime recharges.
  • Sharing Contact Info: Knowing your number makes it easier to share your contact with others.
  • Account Management: Some 9mobile services or transactions may require you to verify your number.


Retrieving your 9mobile number takes seconds! Remember the code *248#, and you’ll always have a quick way to check your number.

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