Latest 9mobile Default SIM PIN

Latest 9mobile Default SIM PIN

Your SIM card comes with a default PIN (Personal Identification Number) for added security. The standard default PIN on 9mobile is typically: 0000

Why is a SIM PIN Important?

  • Prevents Unauthorized Access: The SIM PIN acts like a password, preventing anyone from using your SIM card in a different phone without your permission.
  • Extra Security: Even if your phone is stolen, the SIM PIN adds another layer of protection for your data and your airtime balance.

Changing Your Default PIN

It’s highly recommended that you change your default PIN to a unique number that is harder to guess. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Your Phone’s Settings: Navigate to the Security or SIM settings section of your phone. (The exact location can vary between different phone models.)
  2. Locate “Change SIM PIN”: Find the option for “Change SIM PIN” or something similar.
  3. Enter the Old PIN: You’ll be prompted to enter the current PIN (default is 0000).
  4. Enter the New PIN: Choose a new 4-digit PIN that you can easily remember.
  5. Confirm the New PIN: Re-enter your new PIN to verify.

Important Reminders

  • Memorize Your PIN: Make sure you remember your new PIN. Entering incorrect PINs too many times can block your SIM.
  • Unblocking with the PUK: If you block your SIM, you’ll need your PUK (PIN Unlocking Key) to unblock it. Your PUK is typically found on your SIM pack or can be obtained from 9mobile customer support.


The 9mobile default SIM PIN is 0000. For better security, change it to something unique that you can remember.

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