Latest Cost of StarTimes Antenna in Nigeria

Latest Cost of StarTimes Antenna in Nigeria

How Much is a StarTimes Antenna in Nigeria?

Startimes Antennas in Nigeria are available for purchase at varying prices. On platforms like, the price for Startimes Antennas starts from ₦ 5000. Additionally, on Jumia Nigeria, the price of a TV Antenna / StarTimes Antenna by Jumia is around 7,650 NGN.

These antennas are essential for accessing Startimes subscription packages that offer various channels at different prices, such as the classic bouquet costing 3,800 Naira.

StarTimes provides both the decoder and antenna necessary for its digital TV service.

If you’re a new subscriber or need a replacement antenna, you’ll likely want to know, “how much is a StarTimes antenna in Nigeria?” Let’s explore the factors influencing costs and where to find accurate pricing.

Factors Affecting StarTimes Antenna Prices

  • Antenna Type: StarTimes offers different antenna types for various reception needs. Basic antennas may be more affordable than advanced models designed for stronger signals.
  • Retailer: Prices can vary slightly between different StarTimes dealers, online stores, and authorized business halls.
  • Promotions/Bundles: StarTimes might occasionally provide deals where the antenna is offered at a discount or bundled with a decoder and subscription package.

Where to Find the Price of StarTimes Antennas

Here’s where to check for accurate and up-to-date pricing on StarTimes antennas in Nigeria:

  1. StarTimes Website: Visit the official StarTimes Nigeria website ( Look for their “Products” or “Accessories” section where you might find antennas listed with prices.
  2. Online Marketplaces: Popular e-commerce platforms like Jumia and Konga often list StarTimes products, including antennas. Compare listings from different sellers to find competitive prices.
  3. StarTimes Business Halls: Visit an authorized StarTimes business hall near you. They can provide the most accurate pricing information and guide you on the suitable antenna type for your location.
  4. Customer Service: Contact StarTimes customer care hotlines (01 461 8888 or 09 461 8888) and inquire directly about their current antenna prices.

Important Note: Antenna prices can sometimes change due to market factors. Always confirm the latest pricing from official StarTimes channels to make the best purchasing decision.

Tips for Buying a StarTimes Antenna

  • Purchase from Authorized Sources: Buying from StarTimes dealers or trusted online stores ensures the authenticity of your antenna and potential warranty support.
  • Consider Your Location: If you’re in an area with a weak StarTimes signal, a more advanced antenna might be necessary, potentially influencing the cost.


The cost of a StarTimes antenna in Nigeria depends on several factors. By utilizing the resources provided and considering your specific needs, you’ll gain clarity on pricing and find the right antenna for your StarTimes setup.

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