Latest GOtv Antenna Price in Nigeria (Best Deal)

Latest GOtv Antenna Price in Nigeria (Best Deal)

A good quality GOtv antenna is essential for a clear signal and uninterrupted viewing. But with the many options available, how much can you expect to spend on a GOtv antenna in Nigeria? This guide explores current GOtv antenna prices and helps you find the perfect antenna within your budget.

Factors Affecting GOtv Antenna Price in Nigeria

Before diving into prices, understand these factors that influence cost:

  • Type: GOtv antennas come in various types, from basic indoor antennas to more powerful outdoor options. Outdoor antennas tend to be more expensive due to their better signal reception capabilities.
  • Brand: Reputable brands often charge slightly more than lesser-known brands.
  • Location: Prices may differ slightly between locations in Nigeria. Major cities may have more competitive prices.
  • Retailer: Different shops or online stores might have varying prices for the same antenna model.

Typical GOtv Antenna Price Ranges in Nigeria

Here’s a breakdown to give you an idea of current pricing:

  • Basic Indoor Antennas: You can find these for roughly N5,000 – N8,000
  • Mid-Range Outdoor Antennas: Expect to pay around N8,000 – N15,000.
  • High-Performance Outdoor Antennas Designed for areas with weaker signals, these can range from N15,000 – N25,000 or more.

Where to Buy GOtv Antennas in Nigeria

  • GOtv Dealers: Authorized GOtv dealers often offer antenna bundles with decoders or individual antenna sales.
  • Electronics Stores: Major electronics stores in Nigeria usually carry a selection of GOtv antennas.
  • Online Marketplaces: Popular platforms such as Jumia and Konga offer plenty of GOtv antenna options and allow price comparisons.

Tips for Getting the Best Value

  • Determine Your Needs: Assess your location. Do you need a powerful outdoor antenna or is a basic indoor antenna sufficient?
  • Check Bundles: GOtv dealers sometimes offer decoder and antenna bundles which can be more cost-effective.
  • Online Comparison: Compare prices across online shops for the best deals.
  • Read Reviews: Reviews help assess the antenna’s quality and performance before you buy.

Always purchase GOtv antennas from authorized dealers or reputable shops to ensure you’re getting genuine products.


GOtv antenna prices in Nigeria are accessible, catering to different budgets and needs. By understanding the factors influencing price and shopping wisely, you can find a reliable antenna that guarantees excellent signal reception for seamless GOtv viewing.

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