GOtv vs. DStv in Nigeria: What’s The Differences?

GOtv vs. DStv in Nigeria: What’s The Differences?

MultiChoice offers both GOtv and DStv in Nigeria, providing a variety of entertainment options. But with the similarities between these two platforms, choosing the best one for your needs can be confusing. This guide breaks down the key differences between GOtv and DStv in Nigeria to help you make an informed decision.

Key Differences between GOtv and DStv in Nigeria

Let’s explore the main areas where GOtv and DStv differ:

  1. Technology
    • GOtv: Utilizes Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT) – signals are broadcast through terrestrial towers.
    • DStv: Relies on satellite technology – signals are transmitted from a satellite directly to your decoder.
  2. Channel Selection
    • GOtv: Offers a smaller selection of channels compared to DStv. Focuses on local Nigerian content, popular African channels, and some international favorites.
    • DStv: Provides a much wider range of channels with extensive international and premium content like top sports leagues, blockbuster movies, and popular series.
  3. Pricing
    • GOtv: More affordable than DStv, with lower monthly subscription costs and a cheaper decoder price.
    • DStv: Considered the premium option, so it’s naturally more expensive, with higher package prices and a costlier decoder.
  4. Signal and Weather
    • GOtv: Since its signal is terrestrial, weather conditions (like heavy rain) and terrain can sometimes affect its reception.
    • DStv: Weather can also interfere with satellite signals, but the impact is generally less pronounced compared to GOtv.
  5. Installation
    • GOtv: Relatively simple installation. An indoor antenna may suffice in strong signal areas, or you’ll need a basic outdoor antenna setup.
    • DStv: Requires a satellite dish along with professional installation, adding to the initial setup cost.

Which One Is Right for You?

Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right service:

  • GOtv is ideal if:
    • You’re on a budget.
    • You primarily want local and African channels.
    • You want a simple, easy-to-install setup.
  • DStv is better if:
    • You want a vast choice of channels, including premium international content.
    • You prioritize the widest selection of sports and movies.
    • You don’t mind the higher cost.


Both GOtv and DStv are fantastic entertainment options available in Nigeria. GOtv is the perfect affordable choice for those seeking a good mix of local and African content. DStv offers a premium experience with unmatched channel variety but comes with a higher price tag. The best choice for you ultimately depends on your viewing preferences and budget.

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