How to Generate a Virtual NIN (VNIN) for 9mobile

How to Generate a Virtual NIN (VNIN) for 9mobile

To comply with government regulations and avoid potential SIM disconnection, linking your National Identification Number (NIN) with your 9mobile line is crucial. If you haven’t obtained your physical NIN yet, you can generate a Virtual NIN (VNIN) to use with your 9mobile line. Here’s how:

Methods for Generating a VNIN for 9mobile

  1. USSD Code
    • Dial 3463Your NIN9mobile#
      • Replace “Your NIN” with your actual 11-digit NIN
    • You will receive an SMS containing your unique VNIN.
  2. NIMC Mobile App
    • Download the NIMC Mobile ID app (available on Android and iOS).
    • Launch the app and follow the registration process.
    • In the home menu, select “Get Virtual NIN”.
    • Read and agree to the data privacy agreement.
    • Click the “+” button and select “Type Enterprise’s ID”.
    • Enter 9mobile’s Enterprise ID. You can contact 9mobile customer service for this or usually find it on their website.

Important Notes

  • Have Your Physical NIN: Make sure you have obtained your 11-digit National Identification Number before generating a VNIN. If you don’t have one, visit an enrollment center: https://nimc.gov.ng
  • App Registration: Using the NIMC Mobile ID app may require additional registration steps with your personal details.
  • Service Fee: Generating a VNIN may incur a small fee.
  • Verification: Remember that 9mobile needs to verify your VNIN, so the process may not be immediate.

Linking Your VNIN to Your 9mobile Number

Once you have your VNIN, you can link it to your 9mobile number. See the blog post on “how to link NIN to 9mobile” for instructions.


Generating a Virtual NIN for 9mobile is a simple process. Whether using the USSD code or the NIMC app, follow the steps above to create a VNIN and then link it to your 9mobile line.

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