Key Differences Between 9mobile and Etisalat

Key Differences Between 9mobile and Etisalat

If you’ve been a mobile phone user in Nigeria for a while, you’ve likely noticed the transition from Etisalat to 9mobile. Here’s the story of this change and what it means:

Etisalat’s Beginnings

Etisalat, a multinational telecommunications company based in the United Arab Emirates, entered the Nigerian market in 2008.

They quickly became known for innovative data plans and quality network services.

Financial Troubles and Rebranding

In 2017, Etisalat Nigeria faced financial difficulties due to a debt dispute.

This led to the parent company, Etisalat UAE, withdrawing from the Nigerian operations.

A consortium of Nigerian banks stepped in and the company was rebranded as 9mobile.

Key Differences Between 9mobile and Etisalat

  • Ownership: Etisalat was owned by a UAE-based company, while 9mobile is now a Nigerian-owned telecommunications provider.
  • Branding: The visual identity transformed from Etisalat’s green colors to 9mobile’s distinct green and black branding.
  • Network Infrastructure: 9mobile continues to utilize the same network infrastructure established under Etisalat, aiming to maintain similar coverage and service quality.

What Remained the Same

  • Core Services: 9mobile still offers voice calls, SMS, and data services, similar to its Etisalat days. Some plans and promotions might have changed, though.
  • Customer Base: The existing Etisalat customers transitioned seamlessly to 9mobile subscribers.


While the name and ownership changed from Etisalat to 9mobile, the core network and many service offerings remained similar. 9mobile is now a fully Nigerian-owned telecommunications company striving to build upon the foundations laid by Etisalat.

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