How To Join 9mobile CUG Group

How To Join 9mobile CUG Group

Unfortunately, there’s no way for individual subscribers to join a 9mobile CUG (Closed User Group) group on their own. Here’s a breakdown of CUGs on 9mobile and how they work:

What is a 9mobile CUG?

CUG plans are specialized group calling plans primarily designed for businesses and organizations.

Members within a CUG enjoy preferential, often free, calling rates or unlimited calls between themselves.

How CUGs Work on 9mobile

  • Eligibility: CUGs are typically set up for entities like companies, government agencies, or other organizations, not for individual subscribers.
  • Organization-Based: An authorized representative of the organization must contact 9mobile to set up a CUG plan.
  • Members Added by Administrator: The organization designates an administrator who manages adding and removing members to the CUG plan.

Individual Options on 9mobile

While you can’t join a CUG group as a casual subscriber, 9mobile has other plans that might be beneficial:

  • Family Plans: Some plans offer discounted calling rates between select 9mobile numbers.
  • Special Promotions: 9mobile occasionally has promotions offering bonus call minutes or preferential rates for specific time periods.

How to Find Out More

  • Contact 9mobile: Call 9mobile customer service at 200 or visit a 9mobile Experience Center.
  • 9mobile Website: Check the 9mobile website (https://9mobile.com.ng) for updated plan information and potential offers.


9mobile CUGs are designed for organizations, not individual joining. However, 9mobile offers other ways to potentially save on calling costs.

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