Latest Quick Way to Gift Data on 9mobile

Latest Quick Way to Gift Data on 9mobile

9mobile’s data gifting service lets you send portions of your data plan to other 9mobile users. It’s a great way to help out friends, family, or colleagues in need of extra data. Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Gift Data on 9mobile

  1. Via USSD Code:
    • Dial *229*PIN*Data Volume*Recipient’s Number#.
    • Example: To gift 500MB to the number 08091234567 (with your PIN being 1234), you’d dial *229*12345*00*08091234567#.
  2. Via SMS:
    • Text “Gift [Recipient’s Number] [Data Amount]” to 8186
    • Example: To gift 500MB to the number 08091234567, you’d text “Gift 08091234567 500” to 8186

Important Things to Know

  • PIN: Your default PIN for data gifting is usually 0000, but it’s recommended to change this for greater security. You can change your data gifting PIN by dialing *200#, option 3, then option 2.
  • Eligibility: Typically, you need to have an active data subscription to be able to gift data.
  • Limits: There may be limits on how much data you can gift at once and within a specific period.
  • Charges: Data gifting might incur small service fees.

Data Gifting Advantages

  • Convenience: Quickly help out others who need a data boost.
  • Flexibility: Share as much or as little data as you’d like.


9mobile’s data gifting service is a helpful feature for sharing data. If you’ve got data to spare, consider sending some to another 9mobile user!

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