How to Tell if a Number is 9mobile

How to Tell if a Number is 9mobile

Nigerian mobile networks use specific prefixes to identify their numbers. Here’s how to know if a phone number belongs to the 9mobile network:

9mobile Number Prefixes

9mobile uses the following prefixes:

  • 0809
  • 0817
  • 0818
  • 0908
  • 0909

How to Spot a 9mobile Number

  1. Check the Prefix: Look at the first four digits of the phone number in question.
  2. Match the Prefixes: If the number begins with any of the prefixes listed above, it’s a 9mobile number.


  • 08093335588 – This is a 9mobile number.
  • 07031239876 – This is NOT a 9mobile number (it likely belongs to MTN).

Important Note:

While prefixes are the primary way to identify networks, some older numbers might have been ported (moved from one network to another) while keeping their original prefix. To be absolutely sure, you can check up-to-date reference websites like:


Recognizing 9mobile numbers is simple once you know the prefixes! Remember those prefixes and you can quickly determine whether a number belongs to 9mobile or a different network.

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