How to Use Smartcash Bonus on Airtel in Nigeria

How to Use Smartcash Bonus on Airtel in Nigeria

Here’s how to use your Smartcash bonus on Airtel in Nigeria:

What is Smartcash Bonus

How to Use Smartcash Bonus on Airtel in Nigeria

Smartcash is a loyalty program by Airtel Nigeria that rewards you with bonuses for recharging your line using the Airtel smart cash code *939# Smartcash channel or authorized Smartcash partners. The bonus you receive is a mix of voice, data, and SMS credit.

What can I use smartcash bonus for?

You can use the Airtel Smartcash bonus for various purposes, such as:

  1. Purchasing data bundles: Smartcash offers special data purchases like N200 for 1GB and N300 for 2GB, which are valid for 2 days.
  2. Buying talk more bundles: If you want to buy talk more bundles, you can use Smartcash.
  3. Receiving a 20% data bonus: When you purchase a data bundle, you receive an extra 20% data bonus.
  4. Getting free 5GB data: When you fund your account, you receive free 5GB data.
  5. Enjoying free 100 minutes of call time: Smartcash provides free 100 minutes of call time.
  6. Receiving a 20K cash back bonus: Smartcash offers a 20K cash back bonus currently.
  7. Referral program: You can earn money through the referral program by referring friends to Smartcash.
  8. 100% cashback bonus: When you recharge your Airtel line with Smartcash, you receive a 100% cashback bonus.

To check your Smartcash PSB reward, dial *3101#.

How to Use the Bonus

Your Smartcash bonus is automatically used for the following activities:

  • Voice Calls: When making voice calls to any network in Nigeria, your Smartcash voice bonus will be used first.
  • SMS: Sending SMS to any network in Nigeria will also first deplete your Smartcash SMS bonus.
  • Data: Your Smartcash data bonus will be used for browsing the internet.

Important Notes

  • Checking your Smartcash Balance: To check your Smartcash bonus balance, dial 3101#
  • Bonus Validity: Bonuses usually have a validity period. Use them before they expire.
  • Priority Usage: Your Smartcash bonus will generally be used before your regular airtime balance.

How to check smartcash bonus on airtel

To check your Smartcash bonus balance on Airtel Nigeria, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the USSD Code: Dial *310# on your Airtel line.
  2. Follow the Prompts: You’ll see a menu with options related to your Smartcash account. Choose the option that says “Check Bonus Balance” or something similar.
  3. View Your Bonus: The system will then display your current Smartcash bonus balance, broken down into voice, data, and SMS components if applicable.

That’s it!

It’s a straightforward process to check how much Smartcash bonus you have left.

Additional Tips

  • Recharge Regularly: Recharging frequently using Smartcash methods helps maintain your bonus.
  • SmartCONNECT: If you’re on the SmartCONNECT tariff plan, your Smartcash bonus can give you additional data benefits on recharge.

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